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Welcome to my Offroad Buggy home page!
Are you a Buggy lover? Then you've come to the right place.This site contains part reviews, accessory descriptions,photo galleries with mine and other buggie's, and much much more!

Buggy Reviews And News
Don't buy parts or a motor for your Buggy until you've read all about everything you need.The EDGE PRODUCTION'S family has been designing and building buggie's for over 30 years and know's alot about every thing you need to know so don't hesatate to ask Tony, he can be found at http://www.edge.au.com .
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Shopping and Advertising
Need a place to sell your Buggy or any parts and accessories? Or are you looking to buy? Check out the the "Other Buggie's" page.
If you want to sell you Buggy through this site send me the pic's and I'll place them up free of charge!

This Sidewinder was built by Keith and his friend Jim and took about 6 months to build. It is powered by an xt500 motor, a real thumper. It is fitted a 38mm stainless exhaust and a harley muffler.
Disc brakes are on front and rear. Aluminum checker-plate for the floor and is fitted with a bog-cog race seat and Omp harness. The coilovers where fabricated (by Keith and Jim), and fitted where 450 psi Peddars comp springs and Monroe shocks the saddles Jim turned up to suit.
Edge rims where used on the rear but on the front alloy rims are fitted. The brake lines are braided and the oil line is braided stainless. The buggy is very quick and reliable with the 4 stroke thumper.Check out more pic's on the "Other Buggie's" page.

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